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A few simple lines to integrate

Ready to get going? Head to our documentation using the link below and start using high-quality data in your smart contracts! Or, copy the code below to install the Empiric Network SDK and start interacting with our feeds locally.

Start using robust data on-chain  →

pip install empiric-network
Checking dependencies
Collecting packages...
Successful installation of Empiric SDK

The Empiric team has attracted fantastic data partners and Empiric Network is already one of the leading protocols on StarkNet. I am excited to see them leverage zk-technology to build out their vision of decentralized, transparent and composable data feeds.

Uri Kolodny
Uri Kolodny
Co-Founder and CEO at StarkWare
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Why Empiric?

Reimagine Oracles

Built zk-first from the ground up, we power the DeFi ecosystem, from exchanges to stablecoins to money markets.

Learn more about how Empiric works  →

Robust feeds with verifiable data


Cheap on-chain computation


Freely composable data

Ecosystem Partners
  • Consensys
  • Argent
  • Equilibrium
  • Braavos

Ready to get the data you need?

Leverage recent breakthroughs in zero-knowledge computation by using verifiable and composable data in your decentralized application.


Empiric is the leading oracle on Starknet, built to empower native protocols to realize their ambitious potential.

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